Elder Pavlos and Visitors

Elder Pavlos and Visitors

Friends of Mount Sinai Monastery (FMSM) is an IRS approved 501(c)(3) charity dedicated to supporting the work of St Catherine's Monastery in Sinai, Egypt. St. Catherine's is the world’s oldest continuously-functioning monastery, whose inspiring tradition has become an acclaimed symbol of global peace.

Due to the humanitarian crises of the wider region, and the depressed Greek economy, funds are needed at St. Catherine's Monastery for medical care, operating expenses, maintenance of the massive Monastery structures and spiritual treasures, and in short, for keeping the holy tradition of the ancient Greek Orthodox Monastery alive and accessible to visitors.

Given the Monastery's tradition of not soliciting contributions, and in face of prolonged and unprecedented pressures on its incomparable cultural heritage, Friends of Mount Sinai Monastery (FMSM) was formed. FMSM is the only IRS approved charity established for general support of St. Catherine's. It provides a safe and secure channel for those interested in assisting the continued legacy of the ancient Monastery, a UNESCO World Heritage site since 2002.

Contributions to the Monastery donated through FMSM qualify for an income tax deduction to the fullest extent allowed by US law. The board and staff consist entirely of volunteers. Donations reach St. Catherine’s in full as the board covers expenses. The board includes, among others, a retired CEO of a successful Silicon Valley start-up company, a physician in the biopharma industry with a Stanford MBA and experience as a CFO, and a Monastic associated with the Monastery.

The Monastery fathers are much encouraged by the launch of FMSM, as even small contributions go far in Sinai. Recurring donations can be set up using the Paypal button on FMSM’s donate page (click here).

Please help FMSM become known by sharing the link to this site (www.mountsinaimonastery.org) or liking us on Facebook (click here).

FMSM is focused on supporting the daily operations, projects, and continued existence of the Monastery, whose singular example serves as an inspiration to those of all faith backgrounds. There is also an international Saint Catherine Foundation, founded by Prince Charles of Great Britain, but its focus is on conservation of Saint Catherine's extensive collection of ancient manuscripts, which is second only to the Vatican’s. It is not equipped to handle numerous smaller donations for the daily operation of the Monastery. Hence, Friends of Mount Sinai was started.

(Please scroll down for a Q/A with His Eminence, Archbishop of Sinai, Pharan, and Raitho, and Abbot of the Holy Monastery, Damianos I.)